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A huge MG34 wall poster, number 1 in a series of 5, 1940 edition. A very hard to find collector's item. It is missing a piece in the upper right corner, but otherwise very complete. The cover sheet used during instruction that would cover the names of the parts has been cut off, but is present. It is also missing the wooden dovels that were mounted along the top and lower edge. It has seen much use, and has several cuts and bruises. Most of these were repaired with scotch tape to the rear in the 1970'ies (dark stripes). The other cuts have been patched up with adhesive paper to the rear recently. This poster would be suitble for framing. Will be shipped rolled up in a box. A very hard to find MG34 collectible!
It measures 119 cm /47 inches by 82 cm / 32 inches.
$ 600,-
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